Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Editor Speaks

Rebecca's Moment in the Sun

A big welcome to my editor at Ellora's Cave. Rebecca is the person who keeps me in line, who helps me whip my stories into shape, who chases down stray exclamation points and italics, who lets me be inventive with dashes because I'm not allowed to use semi-colons. She is my cheerleader in the scary big world of publishing, and I am so very lucky to have her. 

I am thrilled to have her visit my blog today.


Thanks to Gail for hosting me on her blog! My name is Rebecca Hill, and I’m an editor for Ellora’s Cave, the premier erotic romance publisher.

Gail caught my attention from the outset as an author who obviously has new, fresh and exciting ideas, but she really revved my engines when she submitted Inn On the Edge, an erotic horror novel for EC’s “Shivers” line. I adore horror stories and I really want to see more women writing in horror, as well as a marriage between the visceral reactions of fear and arousal, so erotic horror is a genre I’m wildly enthusiastic about.

Why should Stephen King have all the fun? We know that a natural reaction to fear is sexual desire, so the two genres are a match made in heaven.

Many people think of romance as a “throw-away” genre, but in my opinion, entertaining fiction engages the emotions. Good fiction engages the mind. And great fiction does both. If a story captures me both intellectually and emotionally, I’d be a fool to care where it’s shelved. That’s why I edit for EC, and why I’m so delighted to work with ground-breaking authors like Gail.

In my opinion, Gail’s at the cutting edge of the next big thing. Her work in progress, Over the Edge, set in the same universe, promises to be just as gripping.

I’ll be back for a guest post in the near future to talk about my editing methods – but don’t believe her when she says that’s a horror story all on its own!

Thank you Rebecca! 

What Rebecca hasn't mentioned is that not only is she a talented editor who works with a large stable of prolific authors, she is an author herself. She is the co-author of the erotic horror novella, "Smoke and Mirrors". I am thrilled to share this amazing book, which is available at Totally Bound.

Purchase Link for "Smoke and Mirrors" -

Blurb for "Smoke and Mirrors"

Max has always been able to see things that aren't there…or perhaps his visions show people's true natures, in their reflections.

When he visits the circus one night, the last thing he expects is to fall in lust with the sexy knife-thrower, Lady Stiletto. But when he follows her into the funhouse — and into the hall of mirrors — they are both sucked into a warped and twisted world where time moves differently and nothing is what it seems…

Can Max find Lady Stiletto and save her from the madness of the mirror world? Or will he find only an echo, driven mad by the carnival of horrors they've been plunged into?

Reader Advisory: This story contains scenes of dubious consent, and mirror-world lovers who aren't all they seem.

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