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AW Erotica Authors Blog Hop!

2014 Erotica Authors Blog Hop

Welcome to the second annual Absolute Write erotica authors blog hop. Follow the hop and discover new and exciting authors and their works and win lots of great prizes - we will be showcasing individual writers for more than two weeks. This is the sixth stop, so there is still plenty to see.

Today, I welcome author Crane Hana to my blog. She is the author of Moro's Price (blurb, cover art, and buy links below.) Tomorrow, please visit Crane's Blog, where she will have another great interview to share: Crane Hana's Blog

So glad to have you here, Crane!

The Interview:

1. As an erotic author, how much do you enjoy writing sexy scenes?

For me, writing sex scenes is fun, challenging, and scary all at once. Fun, because, hello, literary masturbation (to be blunt). Wait, I get paid to write this stuff? If I'm not reacting to a sex scene, I know my readers won't, either.

Challenging, because I want to find a balance between the characters' internal thoughts and reactions, and the simple physicality of sex.

Scary, because I stopped writing altogether for a few years, after a beta reader I trusted told me I'd just written the worst sex scene she'd ever read. She was right, it was awful, and I didn't pick up the skill until half a decade writing and reading fan fiction smut.

2. Is it easier to write action, sex, or emotional scenes?

I get more of a kick from emotional scenes than just sex scenes. Frankly, sex-for-sex's-sake bores me a little now. I want the complete package - searing sex and giddy emotional ranges.

3. Is there a story you want to write but feel the market is too crowded for?

I have a parody novel outlined, with the loose theme of Hipster Werewolves in the American West. It's meant to be an affectionately satirical sendup of all those alpha/omega M/M werewolf-shifter novels that are stock catalog fare for several erotic romance publishers. But by the time I get it finished, I suspect the craze will have died back.

4. If you could steal any erotic author’s career, whose would it be?

I'd mug L.A. Witt in a back alley for one-quarter of her career, because we both started writing-for-publication around the same time. But I'm lazier. And more easily distracted. And I have that pesky art career. Don't worry, Witt, I'll just worship you from afar and take inspiration from the freakishly large backlist you and your co-writers have amassed.

5. Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what kind?

I can't listen to music at all when I write - too many distractions, and I type so fast my scenes will outstrip their theme music. That said, I plot many stories to music. My debut novel, Moro's Price, is a M/M erotic romance space opera that I plotted mostly to the Daft Punk soundtrack to Tron: Legacy, and to several Tangerine Dream albums.

From Moro's Price: 
“You just saved my life, and all you want to do is die?”

Blurb for Moro's Price

Prince Valier gives suicidal escaped-slave Moro another option than leaping off a skyscraper - a few hours of meaningless rough sex, while Moro is infected with Val's lethal symbiont. Neither man expects Moro to survive, or become the one man in the galaxy who can tame Val's darker urges.

Attention is Arbitrary review for "Moro's Price":

“…vast political intrigue, manipulations everywhere and a tender, gentle and ruthlessly sexy love story.”

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