Monday, September 9, 2013

Wedding Cake Success!

An Extravaganza Beyond Compare

It's all over, and I can finally put up my feet and relax. My parent's 50th anniversary was a complete, roaring success. We figured that somewhere between 70 and 90 people came to celebrate with them - but I was much too busy to do any head-counting.  Calling the event an "extravaganza beyond compare" is a bit of a stretch - I admit it - but our potluck on the beautiful deck of my parent's beautiful home was perfect for our laid-back, not-many-frills family.

The Happy Couple

The Cake...

As you may recall, I got a good head start on the cake.  Last week (please see my blog post from September 3) I worked on preparations: I baked the layers, flat-iced them, boxed the three tiers for travel, and made plenty of buttercream to decorate it with.  I took all this (and more) to my parent's house. The morning of the big day, after the delicious waffle breakfast my dad made for everyone, I cleared the kitchen table and declared myself off-limits for any other getting-ready work until after the cake was done and I'd finished cleaning up my mess.

I'd learned from my Aunt Alice that Mom's original colors for her wedding were tangerine and white. She even showed me a fifty-year-old snapshot of the dresses, which made my day. (Except for the fact that I blurted out that I hadn't known there were colored photographs fifty years ago - then wished I hadn't put my foot in my mouth!)

After having seen the photo, I knew that the colors for this cake would have to be tangerine (also known as, ahem ... orange with a couple of extra drops of yellow food color) and yellow.

I mixed up bowls of colored buttercream, chose tips, filled my decorating tubes... and began to decorate.  In the photo below, I am applying leaves.

Mom Loves to Watch 

Applying Streamers to the Middle Tier

All Assembled and Ready to Party. 
The Topper Was From Their Original Wedding Cake!

With my Brothers, Preparing to Serve the Cake

At Last. The Cake is Served!

Thank you for following this journey with me.  I have enjoyed chronicling the short-but-tasty life of this cake from beginning to end. And, in case you're interested - it was delicious! 

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