Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Leather Purse Project Update

I Haven't Forgotten My Project.

I've been busy lately. What with wedding cakes...anniversary parties...beautiful new cover art for my newest novel...working on marketing my previous novel...writing a short story...disruptive bathroom remodels - I've still managed to steal time here and there to work on the handmade leather purse I began almost exactly a month ago.

I'm happy to say that the back panel is now complete. I love the color scheme - I'm at a loss to say which color scheme I like better, this one, in turquoise and olive and gray; or the original colors of browns and brick reds. To someone who loves color, they're both beautiful.

The Second Panel

Detail of The First Panel

Next Job: The Side Panel, Bottom, And Strap

My original thinking was to do these parts in crocheted circles, just like the front and back panels, but now I'm not so sure. I may lay out strips of black and see how they look...but whatever I do must tie the whole thing together and be right. Probably I'll end up doing it several times to get exactly what I want.

Interview on TV: I've Had An Exciting Invitation

My leather purses have caught the attention of someone important, it seems. Yesterday, the producer of a TV morning magazine show (King5 New Day, airing on Tuesday September 24th at 11:00) contacted me and asked if I would allow one of my purses to be highlighted on the show. When I stopped hyperventilating, I said I'd love to. (In what world would I say no?) The show is giving Richard and me free tickets, and we'll be in the studio audience. We're pretty excited!

My work, and maybe a quick glimpse of me, will be seen as part of a five-minute segment the program is running on ZeroLandfill Seattle (an amazing organization that up-cycles industry cast-offs).  If you recall from an earlier post, I got my first batch of recycled leather at the ZeroLandfill event a year ago - the incredible pieces that started the whole thing.

This year's ZeroLandfill event will be September 28th and 29th, at Miller Community Center in Seattle. You can bet I'll be there! I already have tickets. 

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