Thursday, May 8, 2014


Ecuador - an Art Show

In the Tour Van in Ecuador

Today I am sharing a series of digital artworks that I've just completed. These wonderfully evocative images all originated on my family's trip to Ecuador in the summer of 2011. I have chosen the best ones and painstakingly altered them. I've distressed them, added things, subtracted things, juiced up the color or taken away color, scribbled on them - so fun, all of it! - in the quest to make the images we took on our trip into digital artworks that will hopefully have universal appeal.

Many of the images come with wonderful little stories. I do hope you enjoy this glimpse into my life.

Quintessential Ecuador

Panama Hat Weaver

Gathering Firewood


Waiting for the Bus

Americans in Ecuador

Goofing Off at the Llama Farm

Goofing Off on the Train

 A ride in a Volcano Cauldron - Really!

Me, Modeling a Panama Hat

My Son, Modeling a Panama Hat

Admiring the View on a Cold Morning

A Visit to a Secluded National Park

A Tender Moment in the Biting Wind

Me, With the Amazonian Warrior
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