Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Sneak Peek At My New Novel

by Gail Bridges
(an in-process erotic horror novel)

I'm in the process of writing yet another deliciously chilling erotic horror novel! It features the same dangerous Sex Demons - or friends of theirs - that we met in Inn on the Edge. This new novel is set in an old converted warehouse in Seattle...sound good so far?

an abandoned warehouse goes from this... this

But wait - it gets better! Dahlia has one burning desire in life, and that's to heal people with her hands alone, using Therapeutic Touch. Unfortunately for her, the Institute of Curative Touch she's just been admitted to is run by sex demons who have no intention of teaching her to heal. What they teach is much more sinister - only she has no idea she's being used.

There it is, folks! I'll be spending the next several months pecking away at my laptop, my mind on one thing and one thing only. I'll write updates as I go along.

Thanks, and happy reading!

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