Friday, November 22, 2013

Inn on the Edge - Only Two Weeks Left

In honor of the release of Inn on the Edge two weeks from today, I am sharing an exclusive interview with Angie Taylor, the main character from the novel. Get to know her and see how she's coping today, six months after her life-altering experience with a demon...

Captured by a Demon:
An Interview with Angela Taylor

(The main character of Gail Bridge's erotic horror novel, Inn on the Edge)

- A note from the Interviewer, Gail Bridges:

This is a very special interview with a young woman who has been through a grueling, life-threatening experience with the darker side of the paranormal world. Angela Taylor has agreed to talk with me about her experiences from the Spring of 2013, when she had a shocking encounter with a demon while on her honeymoon at the Inn on the Edge hotel in Washington State. Angela now feels ready to share what happened on her aborted honeymoon, which was simultaneously terrifying and - surprisingly - magnificent in ways she has promised to discuss with me. Angela has been understandably hesitant to speak about what happened those four days last April, and I am honored that she has agreed to speak with me.

- The Interview -

Gail Bridges: Let me know if this is too much for you, Angela, and we'll quit. Okay?

Angela Taylor: Call me Angie. I'll be fine.

Gail: If a question makes you uncomfortable...or if anything gets too personal, you'll let me know?

Angie: Sure. (She laughs.) It takes a lot to make me uncomfortable these days, after what Josh and I went through!

Gail: (Checking her paperwork.) Josh. Your husband. May we talk about him for a second? He chose the place you went for your honeymoon, if I recall?

Angie: He did. The Inn on the Edge. It seemed like such a great choice! He was so proud to have found it. A romantic bed-and-breakfast Inn on the Washington Coast - it had it all. Scenery, the ocean, a cute little tourist town within walking distance. And the food - oh, the food was wonderful. The Inn had everything: free meals, free lessons, friendly employees, other guests to hang out with. Ha! What's not to like?

Gail: Sounds like Club Med.

Angie: (Snorts) Not at all like Club Med.

Gail: Oh? Sorry. Go on.

Angie: It wasn't...(Takes a deep breath)... what we thought it was. (Falls silent.)

Gail: How so?

(No answer.)

Gail again: Are you talking about the Demon? Mr. Abiba?

Angie: (Sighing) Yes. We met Mr. Abiba right away, when we checked in, but we had no idea who - or what - he was. He took a shine to Josh and me pretty soon after we got there, but we didn't know that either! Or else we would have left immediately. We would have been out of there so fast!

Gail: A demon. Wow. You've met a real-live demon.

Angie: (With a far-away look) Yes.

Gail: He must have been awful.

Angie: You're right. He was! (Falls silent, then speaks in a whisper.) And ... he wasn't.

Gail: What? I'm sorry, I didn't catch that.

Angie: He was wonderful, Gail. When Mr. Abiba wasn't being cruel ... being a monster, he... he... (She clears her throat.) May I have a drink of water? (Drinks.) Thanks. When he wasn't being the scariest thing you've ever imagined, he would be amazing, generous, kind. He gave us gifts! Thoughtful gifts. He gave me a set of imported brushes for my artwork. He gave Josh an antique guitar. Mr. Abiba could be absolutely marvelous when he wanted to. (She shifts in her seat.)

Gail: How so, Angie?

Angie: You already know this. I already told you about the sex.

Gail: Tell me again?

Angie: Mr. Abiba needed it. He was into sensual energy. Really into it. (She turns thoughtful.) But it was more than that. He loved everything about sex, and he wanted Josh and me and the other guests to love everything about it, too. He wanted us to be free, to share our sexual bounty with each other, all of us. Share freely and generously - that was his mantra.

Gail: Did you? Share?

Angie: We did.

Gail: You had sex with people you'd just met? On your honeymoon?

Angie: We were manipulated. But we did have sex with the others. And we liked it.

Gail: Umm...I can imagine! You had sex with the demon too? Was he a good lover, then?

Angie: No! I never had sex with him. None of us did. (She clears her throat again.) Well, not that way anyway. He didn't participate in the constant sex, at least not physically. He had helpers for that.

Gail: Then, what? How was Mr. Abiba so amazing?

Angie: (Puts her hand to her throat.) See this pendant I'm wearing? It was his. He conceived of it, he made it, he infused it with magic. And he gave it to me, at the end, before everything fell apart. Here, do you want to see it? (She hands me the pendant and its golden chain.) Pretty, isn't it?

Gail: Yes.

Angie: He called it a Tool. They were for his guests to experiment with, to play with. There were a lot of different Tools, each better than the next - you can't imagine! They were kept in special Toolboxes. (She puts the chain around her neck again.) This one is called the Storybuilder Tool. It was amazing, Gail. There's no way you could understand unless you experienced it.

Gail: Oh?

Angie: Mr. Abiba's Tools made everything better, brighter, more exciting. Magic.

Gail: (Leaning forward.) Did the Tools make sex better, too?

Angie: What do you think?

(Interviewer and Interviewee, laughing.)

Gail: So you had plenty of good sex. Exciting, magic sex, hmmm?

Angie: You could say that. (She tugs on her hair.) But not all of it was good. Toward the end there were times when the sex was so intense it was ... scary. Yeah. (She looks at her lap and bites her lip.) Really scary.

Gail: I'm so sorry, Angie. It must have been horrible. Can you talk about when things went bad, when they fell apart?

Angie: (After a long silence.) I'm not sure I want to talk about that. I'm sorry. I thought I could.

Gail: (Trying not to sound disappointed.) It's okay. What matters is that you got out alive, that you and Josh escaped.

Angie: Yes.

Gail: And that you and Josh helped each other through the aftermath.

Angie: That, too. Yes.

Gail: And that the Demon is gone now.

Angie: (Jerking upright, looking over her shoulder.) Is he? What happened to Mr. Abiba, really? I thought he was gone for good ... I thought we'd taken care of him, but now I wonder. (She shivers so violently she shakes her chair.) You know, sometimes I hear things at night. Sometimes I feel a cold breeze and I smell cinnamon - he always smelled like cinnamon, did I tell you that? - and then I'm all terrified again. Terrified ... but at the same time I'm longing to be back there, yearning for those four days at the Inn. Hell! I can't do this, Gail. Do you mind? Can we stop now?

Gail: Of course we can. Of course we can.

- End of Interview -

It is now an hour later. The interview is over. Angela Taylor has left my office, and I'm alone, wondering about everything she told me. I re-read my notes. I listen to the recording I made. I ponder Angie's astounding story, the likes of which I've never before encountered: a hotel by the ocean. A Demon. Magic-infused sex Tools. Wild, wonderful, mind-blowing sex. A demon, destroyed. Wow. What happened in that Inn, anyway?

Holy shit, what a story Angela Taylor has. I stare out of my window.

I admit it: I wish I had been there.

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